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where magic hides

Sometimes I feel like I lose my ability to paint altogether.  I go months without knowing what to do, and when I try to paint anyway, it comes out boring and lifeless.  Then it sits on my shelves annoying me for months until I decide to just paint over it completely.  The painting over it… Continue reading where magic hides

Beauty & Health, Philosophy

all in a day’s walk

What do you do when you're having a bad day?  One of the things I do is go for a walk.  There's always something beautiful to see and it never fails to put me change my mood around.  What philosopher was it that said "I still believe beauty can change the world".  I agree! It… Continue reading all in a day’s walk

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kicking off latin heritage month

It's great to be Latin! Not only is it super sexy, ha ha, but you get to be included in these cool art shows. I have a close friend who is on the board of the Latin Association, here in Ithaca, who asked me if I wanted to present my work at an art event… Continue reading kicking off latin heritage month