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it’s not about you

"It's not about you" are some of the most powerful words that have influenced my life. And they are the opening words to a book that annoyed the living daylights out of me: Purpose Driven Life. It annoyed me because there are parts where it talks about Christians this and Christians that, and I feel… Continue reading it’s not about you


the next exciting thing

Do you ever notice that humanity tends to get bored of everything?  Think of fashion, shoes, movies, songs, art on the wall, towns, jobs.  What is it in us that makes us excited about something then bored of it later?  I suspect that it is because we are growing on many dimensions and want things… Continue reading the next exciting thing

Life Stories

the bad thing about suffering…

I wish I could stress the importance of living happily.  It is common to think that taking care of your own happiness first is selfish and heartless, but I know that not doing so can have devastating consequences.  My mom taught me this lesson.  Her suffering was so much!  She had several mental breakdowns and… Continue reading the bad thing about suffering…