drugs, sex & alcohol

Good morning, buenos dias, bon matin! I woke up this morning with my mind racing with things to say to the world.  That's why I have this blog, for moments like this when I need to just spill it.  Just to warn you guys, I have no time to proof read, so what comes out… Continue reading drugs, sex & alcohol

Life Stories

the bad thing about suffering…

I wish I could stress the importance of living happily.  It is common to think that taking care of your own happiness first is selfish and heartless, but I know that not doing so can have devastating consequences.  My mom taught me this lesson.  Her suffering was so much!  She had several mental breakdowns and… Continue reading the bad thing about suffering…

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are you good enough?

Are you good enough? The fundamental question that underlies success, so I think. On the superficial level, our normal daily thinking, of course you are! We are. The problem lies in the deep, hidden crevices of our conditioning. My conditioning. Being an orphan caused me to hide my face in shame for most of my… Continue reading are you good enough?