My Art

I have always loved making art. In my childhood I filled many notebooks with drawings of horses; in later years, I learned how to use oils. I took a couple of workshops early on, and in 2002, I got inspired to attempt painting abstract. I committed myself to discovering my own style without outside influences and began experimenting on my own. Learning to trust myself in painting was hard at first; I was always scared to mess it up! Yet I continued to push myself past new emotional boundaries and eventually broke through. I was very fortunate to have support from friends and family in this new endeavor. Furthermore, I had beginner’s luck: virtually everything I painted was purchased right out of my studio. On a few occasions, I took paintings to be hung in a gallery, and they too, sold within days or weeks.

I hit a lull during the 2007-2008 recession, though. Art was no longer selling like before, no matter how I tried, and I also felt that my inspiration was running dry. When I moved to Ithaca, NY, I decided I would use the opportunity to let my creativity well up on its own. I would start completely from scratch and do whatever the Art wanted me to do. Eventually, the creativity started to flow again, and I was back on a roll with showing and selling art. Below, are a few examples of the paintings I did while in Ithaca.