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the problem is with the west

I’m in The West, I support the western side of battles, and it is my duty to state where The West is going wrong – as I see it, that is. So here goes –

Many global issues that we face have roots in western ideology and its extremely short-term vision and individualistic behavior. I don’t mean to take a bat to our heads; no, it is not our fault that our paradigm grew into what it did. It wasn’t always a good vs. evil, but a whole lot of checkered area where both good and evil played a hand within the grand scheme of things as well as within the individual and their western way of going about business.

Let’s peel the layers of wool back a bit. Think back to 100 years ago. We were in the Roaring 20s hurling into the Great Depression and in complete la-la land about it. Wait, let’s go back a bit further, maybe 60 or 70 years. Now we’re in the wild west with our spirit of entitled expansionism. Slavery was still alive. Native people were being pushed out of their home lands and exterminated. (These are horrors and national wounds that have never been healed. As a country, we have never made things right. Never.)

Don’t waste your breath blaming the confederacy or Andrew Jackson, for what happened to the slaves and Native people was done with virtual unanimous approval of the white population (according to some accounts). It’s that western ideology at its worst. We are the right ones; they are the wrong ones. We are the good ones; they are the bad ones. Our way is the right way; their way is the wrong way. And whatever happens to be the flavor of the moment in western dogma is always right above all other things.

What has evolved out of this herd-rightness is a silver-bullet mentality. I would say that this is very much a western thing and as a population, we hold to it with our dear lives. When people stray they are ridiculed, shunned, shut down, fought against, abandoned, and labeled with anything that would invalidate their ideas.

Let me expound. The silver-bullet mentality is what we think will solve world problems from violence, poverty, health issues, climate change and so forth. To stop violence, many think that we need to fight the bad guys, take guns off the streets, enhance all forms of security and surveillance. Silver bullet. To end poverty we think that we should pump money into “development”, foreign aid, social programs, NGO’s etc. Again, silver bullet. To fight health issues we push the latest drug, therapy, treatment or, eh um… vaccine. Silver bullet at its worst.

But did you know, that we could begin to resolve all these issues by putting our attention and efforts to their common cause? That is, inequality. Actually, the real common cause has two major branches, a tangible and an intangible one. The tangible is, indeed, inequality, and is the one we know how to discuss and debate. But the intangible must not be discarded, for without it, we can’t do the tangible work. The intangible root is the loss of self – the real self. It’s the need to belong, to be “good enough” that causes us to not take the path less trodden when it comes to what we stand for in our lives. We live up to social standards; we stay quiet; we keep our jobs; we do nothing to change anything.

Back to the tangible, it has been extensively documented that virtually all social ills stem from inequality. Eradicating it is the white whale no one knows how to capture or kill, so they go back to smaller things they do know – silver bullets. Yet silver bullets have returned a terrible ROI on our financial, emotional and psychological investment and have brought us to the brink of WWIII and possible extinction from nuclear war or climate catastrophes (whichever comes first). I think it’s time that we put our heads together and tackle the white whale. And if we can’t do this, let’s at least lay down our arms and quit harassing the people that jump the western tracks to find answers on their own, and in their own way.

Let me explain. Let’s look at our current USA picture. When 2020 entered in all its majesty, what did our western authorities preach? Shut-downs, masks, social-distancing and vaccines. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done all and even lost my job due to shut-downs. But guess what else I did? Something I do always – I made sure my body was strong and healthy and able to resist whatever came at it. We all know that the human body can overcome any manner of illness and difficulty, given half a fighting chance. The fact that our authorities never even peeped at the need to do whatever we could to up our immune capacity is a problem that can edge us closer to global catastrophe. Why? Because the millions of people who are jumping ship, are gathering their weapons and are now a force to be reckoned with. And a great number are quitting western doctrine strictly because the way the Covid-19 disaster was handled. We would like to laugh them off as “conspiracy theorists”, “Donal Trump lovers”, or whatever else you want to call them, but we cannot deny the fact that they no longer give a damn about what is being pushed from the top. The bigger problem is, is that their numbers are growing, which is only happening because the silver-billets have all let them down.

A big example is my sister who quit the Democrat team to push Trump doctrine. And if you listen to her story, you would understand where she comes from. So what happened? Here it is in a nutshell:

Her son, AJ was in an accident which severed his spine. The doctors said he would never walk again, and sent them home with opioid pain killers and some physical therapy instructions. They never mentioned anything that would help his body resist the plethora of secondary and tertiary effects of this, as well as the effects stemming from the fact that he would be stuck in a wheelchair. So my sister had to do the research on her own and found ways to keep him as healthy as possible. Through her extensive research, she found all kinds of things that were showing to be effective; yet they were labeled as ‘alternative’ so not accepted by western medicine as real, and not paid for by insurance. Many of these ‘alternative’ treatments were actual latest technology, such as doing tests to see which nutrients one is deficient in an which ones the body can’t absorb through regular methods, and resolving the issue by having these absorbed some other way. She also began to witness how many of these small businesses were always facing legal issues because the Big Western Medicine guys were trying to find ways to shut them down. But wait, Big Western Medicine had no answer for AJ, remember? Yet they didn’t want him getting his answers from anyone else. It’s like a psycho who keeps you in the basement, feeding you only white bread and water, expecting you to be appreciative for getting food while not letting you go out and find your own. And you wonder why people are up in arms?? So when Covid hit, my sister was already not listening to doctrine-from-the-top. She did her own research and hung out with people who all believed that the best way to combat it is to keep their own bodies as healthy as possible. Then she decided that the push for vaccines was no different than the psycho that wanted to keep her in the basement, so she jumped ship. Now she’s labeled as a betrayer to her people, because she’s Latina.

This brings me to the next point. Those who stick to the mainstream, Republican or Democrat, dogma, only have themselves to blame if the Great USA collapses from the inside. You can’t blame the ‘crazies’ that follow conspiracy theories when you are following perennially ineffective silver-bullet methods and refusing to ask What is wrong with this picture?

Personally, I’ve heard all the conspiracies and have been listening for many years. Long ago, people would sit me down and make me watch video after video about how a small group of people are trying to take control of the whole world. I watched the UFO documentaries, I listened to people’s individual experiences. Yet I go away, still not convinced. So when I write about my sister’s experience, I am not trying to argue on behalf of this doctrine. What I am saying is that snapping your doors shut to your family and loved ones because they jump the western tracks is an issue that will get us all into extremely big trouble. It’s best to listen; let them have their say at the table. Pay attention. Show compassion. Then go out and do what only you can do. Shutting them out is not going to crush them; it’s only going to make them stronger.

The example of my sister is just one grain of sand on the shifting beach. There are so many other stories that cause people to quite western doctrine! Our entire system is failing us in education, housing, social justice, health and all other ways that I’m not mentioning here. And at the bottom of it all is a blind faith in silver bullets to heal inequality and the social ills that stem from it. Because, in effect, what we end up doing is trying to fight the evil, push out the ‘wrong’ people, kill or put away the bad people, fight the disease… and none of this is helping us.

We cannot make walls high enough to keep human traffickers out; we cannot make chemo strong enough to save people’s lives; we cannot put enough money into a development projects to keep people from stealing it; we cannot force everyone to choose Big Medicine no matter how many small mom-n-pop alternatives we shut down; we cannot kill enough terrorists to make them all go away; we cannot fight cartels enough to make them quit their ways; we cannot jail enough people of color to make their neighborhoods safe; and we most definitely cannot cause Russia enough pain to make it stand down.

What we can do is look at is a holistic way of doing things. (Is there a non-hippie word for holistic?) This is so non-western! But we have enough evidence now to be able to stand up and say that it is true. We need to open up to holistic everything – education, finance, banking, development, international trade, health, mental health, poverty, gang violence, terrorism, etc. etc. If we don’t do this, the social cancer that is killing us will ultimately win because it has, at best, become completely unresponsive to silver bullets, and at worst, wrapped itself around our silver bullets like a monster no one can destroy.

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