Life Stories

LBJ on the horizon

I never dreamed of going to college, much less to grad school. What I dreamed of was living up to a standard I had of myself, and doing it in my lifetime. What this meant was that I would learn all I could, overcome all things I encountered and show the world what can be done in terms of human potential. And how could I do this if I didn’t dedicate my life to helping to save the world. Yes, save our precious world.

I don’t want to change the world; I want to save the world.

Right now with the world on a fast track to planetary destruction, I’m hoping that I can live up to my idea of myself – that I can overcome all things and help inspire others to stand up too, and to overcome all the things that they encounter. It is possible, you know. Absolutely possible.

I think I chose to be born into a violent cult, suffer, and witness my loved ones suffer, just so I can stand up and do this now. What happened to us in the cult was beyond horrific. It was like growing up in ISIL, with killings happening or being discussed and taught as “god’s will”, throughout my early childhood. All the kids lived in terror – but we didn’t know it. We were hardened little soldiers.

I think I chose to be born into a situation like this so I could experience first hand what it’s like to live surrounded by violence and terror, and devise a way to eliminate it. A way that our current world leaders cannot fathom… which is why the evil persists… because they cannot imagine the thing that is the only solution. All of the remedies have only made matters worse. Someone needs to show them how it’s done!

I never dreamed of getting the best education. No, I dreamed of being a freedom fighter. Today, I imagine myself returning to my first home country, like many Ukrainians are returning to theirs, to face what seems to be a hopeless battle against an unyielding, unrelenting foe who is ready to take the whole world down. In the face of this, I want to go and help transform everything. So I’m happy I was born in the cult and suffered what I’ve suffered. It was good, Spartanesque preparation for the future that is now upon us. Yes, I want to go back to my motherland, dig myself into a good trench, and stay in the fight for the rest of my life.

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