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hello 2021

2021, like all other years that have come before, is going to be filled with its own challenges. It will have new surprises for us; some good, some bad. Just like every year. As for me, I have my usual self-improvement goals and wishes as well as a few unusual ones. For the unusual ones, let’s just say I’m getting better at letting all things be. This is hard for one who has lived so long with dreams of ending human suffering, helping to create a world of true justice, better education for the underserved, etc. But I am finally at a point where I can trust in Life to handle all things that are out of my power to deal with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to fight anymore. I still dream about making big social-change waves, but I know that fighting too many battles will cause me to be ineffective at all of them; if I focus on too many things that are wrong, my energy will be dispersed and impotent. Because what I really want is to make an impact, I will commit myself to doing that is strictly for me to do.

This does not mean that my passions will abate. I will most likely still want to blow up a few very stupid ideas and realities; and, yes, I most definitely want to see myself rise to new levels of success. But above all things, I want to live my life’s purpose, master my gifts and help people that come onto my path. Explicitly, it is to begin teaching others all that I have learned over the course of my transformation journey – which started more than twenty years ago! I have a lot of stories to tell, and so many lessons learned. During my journey, I have gained deep insight into the intersections of overcoming personal hardship, fighting for social change while also learning to honor yourself and manifest a life you dream of. Doing this is an art; there are so many strands and undercurrents that must be taken into account! I have paid a heavy price to be able to stand here today, in my own voice and power, and tell you the things I know to be true. I hope you will listen.

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