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colorado detour

Throughout the 2020 lockdowns I worked at home, isolated from most of the world. I had been working a TxCEE, then got laid off (due to Covid) and ended up spending most of my days working on my project, R2 Society. This project has been something I had in mind for a long time (posted about it already here) and in the creation process, also went through my own personal growth (a forever thing!). Then I realized that I needed to breathe air of a different sort; air from a wide open desert. So the idea to go visit my sister in Albuquerque, as had been discussed several times, came up as the smart thing to do. Then a good friend of the family offered for me to stay in his guest bedroom for as long as I want. Hmmmm…this could be just the right thing for me. In this time, my 19-year-old niece suddenly needed a new place to stay and I needed someone to look after my cat while I was away. Now going to Albuquerque began to be an unavoidable event.

In my final week in Austin, I packed and ran all my errands and did some last-minute editing of R2 Society content and videos. Then it was time to head off! I stopped in Dallas first to see my nephew (who I used to take care of when he was a tiny kid and I was a teenager), then my sister, Anna, who I was re-united with when I was 25. While I Dallas I developed a sore throat, then a cough. This always happens to me when I’m not taking my mega doses of Vitamin C. I had ran out and kept forgetting to get more in all the hustle of preparing to leave Austin for an extended period of time, so when I developed the same old throat issues, it did not come to me as a surprise. I also did not concern myself with Covid because I believe I already got it back in March. Then when Anna woke up with a fever, the story changed. I had to rethink my plans to head to Albuquerque because both my sister there and our good friend are high-risk individuals.

My brother and sister-in-law’s house in Colorado now became the place to go because they both felt they had coronavirus already. Both were experiencing the symptoms and and my brother worked closely with someone who tested positive. This is how my Colorado detour came about. In two days I will have completed my two-week quarantine here and will be ready to head to Albuquerque to finally settle down and get back into my rhythm, something I am already starting to miss. It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve left Austin!

I believe there is always a spiritual reason why things happen, and since I allow myself to be spiritually guided, I let this detour be something that teaches me what I need to know. I put my R2 Society project completely on hold to let myself listen to the quiet. This is normal for me because I like to “go dark” in terms of all things online and spend my time in a soul-silence where I can hear new truths that I otherwise would not be able to grasp. I also re-calibrate myself to my real self in areas where I have been off or in places that I forget to be true to myself. I am a natural monk of sorts, yet I work in the world among muggles and it often happens that the world logic gets a foothold in my reality and I began to forget about all the magic I experience on a regular basis. Going dark brings me back to wonderland.

So when the Colorado detour came up as the only option for me at the time, I knew it was because I needed to disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself. Let go of all things and all people. Let it all be as it is. Do not rescue, do not save. Do not fight, do not defend. Do not struggle. Do not worry. Do not even think about what might happen. Let it all go and do what is in front of you to do. What was in front of me to do was spend time with family and go to see the mountains, the canyons and some very cute towns tucked away from the world. Oh yes, I also spent a whole day binge-watching Star Wars with my brother. I also played a lot with my adorable four-year-old nephew who is the cutest thing you will ever see ♥.

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