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hello from Mexico


During my last semester at Cornell, I set my blog to private because I thought I should try to be like the rest of the world and not have my personal life all out in the open. Plus, I couldn’t remember what I wrote and had no time to go double check. I felt pressure to try to find a “real” job in some great company, so, like so many people advise, you must hide a lot of your content on social media and blogs.

Now I’m in Mexico, two months away from the “real world” and am out on my own working on a project I completely believe in. I’m betting my life on this! As for searching for a job, the energy was not flowing that direction, and I know by now that I must follow my intuition if I want life to work out well. (I’ve beat my head against a wall while trying to “make things happen” that never would so many times that I think I’ve finally learned my lesson, which means I’ve learned to follow the knowing in my soul that says “this way”.)

During this time in Mexico I have been transforming and re-awakening. I have decided that I yearn for freedom more than anything in the world, including the good opinion of all the great people who have stepped in to help me on my way. I may let a lot of people down! But I may surpass their greatest expectations, too. I sense the latter will be the case…

Meanwhile, I’ve realized that whatever I end up doing, it will be the authentic me doing it and not some constrained soul. My authentic self is playful, fun, somewhat juvenile and a complete visionary. My authentic self speaks up passionately and also sits back to drink alcohol and talk anything with great company; it trusts god with everything and falls in love with humanity over and over again. It doesn’t give a damn about social rules and statuses, but might be polite for the sake of not rocking irrelevant boats.

I’m here to do my work, not to challenge the powers that be, which are usually the cartels that rule the area. I’ll lay low for as long as I need to.

What is my work? To reach into the hearts of humanity and inspire them to step into their highest potential in any way I can, given the tools I have to work with. My work is to remind people of their worth and dignity, and that they deserve to be happy; it is to see the “poor” not as poor, but as intelligent people who know what is right for them. My work is to talk, guide, coach; it is to imagine new realities for humanity and give my life to create them; it is to meditate, write, visit people, paint, create new designs, come up with new ideas for business.  Doing this, my life is complete. There is nowhere I would rather be and nothing I would rather do. There is also no other person under the sun that I would prefer to be that this authentic me.


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