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Angel of love

A kid named Angel was found dead in his dorm yesterday morning.  He was Latino, LGBTQ+, about to graduate. I hear of people dying all the time on the news, and I think ‘so sad’, but this one feels like my own personal loss even though it was someone I never met. I feel like I lost someone that I, myself knew and loved deeply, deeply, deeply. I feel such a beautiful soul is no longer with us, and it has me in and out of waves of grief coming from who knows where.

The service in Sage Chapel filled with people, his family, students, people that knew him, people whose lives were changed by him. Apparently, he walked on water. He was someone that filled everyone else with love, made them feel better about themselves when they were beaten down. But no one ever know how Angel was doing…

People like this come to plant dynamite in the heart of the world; their departure is the explosion, breaking apart all hardened surfaces, making sure they never close again. We bleed forever now. People like this make those who are strangers to them feel shock waves of sadness, and show up to cry with others, and listen to stories of their wonderfulness and beauty and ponder on the world.

I wasn’t the only person in the church who never met that kid.

This event has me pondering more…it’s not true that all we need is love. What we really need to to de-numb, to stand up, and to never let people stay alone, never again. We are our brothers’ keepers, after all. And our sisters’.


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