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Cinderella, as the rags-to-riches girl is just the tip of her iceberg. When people mention her, often it’s a synonym for servant, or someone who does all the mopping and cleaning. She is the under-cast girl who needed the prince to make her the princess.

What people consistently fail to mention is that Cinderella, although in plain and humble clothes, and although she was forced to do all the work in the house, was actually the rightful heir of the entire estate. This made her a lady, in the truest sense of the word. She was part of the royalty. When she went to the ball, she already knew her place. She wasn’t a beggar for glory.  She was just “the one”, and this knowing was in her system long before the prince ever came around.

She was the princess long before the glass slipper. It was because she was the real deal and knew it, that the stars eventually had to rise to meet her.

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