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It was my first time in Nicaragua. I was trapped there for a few days because I hadn’t planned for the impossible nature of taking buses in Central America. The good thing is that I had a lovely city to by stuck in–Granada, and a cute, clean hostel which was only $10/night. Walking around I found a guide that would take me out on the lake. Then there was this adorable girl that caught my attention. I knew she longed to go out on the water!  She was hanging around like she belonged to the people that I was talking to, then I said hello to her and asked her name and if she wanted to go for a boat ride. She gave such an excited Yes! But the lady there said no, you should not bother the tourists. Since the guide was her older cousin, he said he would look after her if I really wanted her to go. I did! It made me so happy! As you can see, it made the little princess happy too. This picture of her brings me such a good memory!

That was my favorite part of Nicaragua 🙂

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