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what we hide behind

If we don’t know our intrinsic value, we feel shame, we feel naked. Then we must hide. What are the things we use to hide behind?

Name brand. Religion. Social Status. Wealth. Job title. Or the idea that you gain goodness by giving to the poor & needy, or by volunteering everywhere, etc.

What are the things that you personally use to feel more good about yourself?

How do you up your level of value?

Intrinsic value needs none of this! It stands on its own and does not need to defend itself. It has a natural right to sit at the table without the forced use of fancy words, high education, giant following. Intrinsic value goes where it wants to go, and loves whomever it wants to love, and does not turn in permission slips.

Intrinsic value doesn’t climb up for there is no “up”; therefore, it has no need to create a ladder of human beings. It never crushes another’s dream. It doesn’t build itself a tower made of slaves, or child workers.

Intrinsic value is a rock to stand on that no winds can move, no waves can crush.

Intrinsic value doesn’t walk off the treadmill.  It never got on! It waited next to you while you ran and ran, fighting, competing, getting nowhere. It waited for you to get off the machine and walk on your own solid ground. It doesn’t need to prove itself. It doesn’t need for others to understand.

Intrinsic value is it’s own wild animal caring for itself in the world that to all others, is dangerous.

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