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end the game

Right now I’m seeing the need to end the game.  This bullshit game that we play as humans on earth.  We compete, we fight, we tear others down. We don’t let other’s walk their own path. We call them inferior, or superior, which is an equal crime. Envy makes us grow fangs. We try to belong in a world that holds a constant sword above our heads. Will we make it? Will we fail? Our identity is dependent on these rules of success that this cruel game enforces. It begins to be so painful to be alive that we can’t look around us to see that there are other humans who need our love and approval. They need our support. They need the light that we have to shine on them. They need to not be judged anymore.

If you have ultimate success but are still entrapped by the game you have actually lost.

My emotional, mental and physical self is walking away from all of it silently. I’m still showing up to get my work done, but I want nothing to do with the competition. I want nothing to do with ideas of elite-ness or superiority of any kind. No human being is less amazing than another.  Even if they look to the ground in grief.  Even if they stand on the street corner, high, broke, begging.  Even if they’ve been in and out of jail.

The game is hell.

I would rather throw over the tables than to win by the rules that you give me. “You”, the over-arching idea that holds the measuring stick by which humanity compares itself.  Your days are over for me.

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