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my university

It’s finally happening! I’ve been level-headed all summer after receiving my acceptance letter. Didn’t skip a beat when I saw how much financial aid I’m getting–full ride. I stayed focused on my present moment and kept riding bikes and listening to poetry and getting pissed or sad about horrible things happening in Mexico.  Today I am a whirlwind of excitement! I’m rubbing my eyes…is this true? Is it already starting? I pick up my ID, order my books, and meet lots of people in my department tomorrow. My major is Development Sociology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  I am ready for this!

6 thoughts on “my university”

  1. What hard work long journey and fun
    Remember where some parts of the river that beought you here sprang up?
    Long ago far away in a sistand land once apon a time…in and out of Mexico
    The roundabout way to “higher education”.
    A Whirlwindsunamis dance

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