What Would a Caterpillar Do?


Would it suffer from low self-esteem


for not being a butterfly yet?


Would it beat itself on the head


to go faster, faster, faster?


Would it compete with its neighbor


and watch its likes on Facebook?


Would it  join a How-To-Become-a-Butterfly  support group?


And once it’s a butterfly


would it envy a sparrow for being bigger


or a robin

or an eagle?


What would a caterpillar really do?


Does it think about how to live in peace


or what to do when if it rains?



A caterpillar knows just where it’s supposed to go


every step of the way.


It doesn’t doubt if it’s doing the right thing.


it doesn’t pray to become a butterfly;


it doesn’t sit and wait either.


It doesn’t even want to be a butterfly!


It forgets itself and just goes where it wants to go,


and is happy in the doing.

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