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Good morning loves!

Today I am en-light-ened. That means, without burden. That means without guilt. That means light, as in not heavy. It does not mean 100% light, as in un-heavy, it just means enlightened, like, made a little more less-heavy. It means one more useless stone has been thrown from my boat. It means tears have been shed. Less tear-weight makes you more light. It enlightens you.

When you are enlightened (made less heavy), you can pick up your feet easier. The journey becomes easier, because your pack has been made more bearable. All the work you have to do is much more do-able. As it becomes enlightened (made less heavy) it begins to feel more like play.

Becoming light makes you be able to bounce higher on your trampoline. Your bones don’t crush when you come back down because there’s no weight to crush them.

Enlightenment is indeed the greatest joy that can happen to anyone!

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