Life Stories, Poetry

memory parade

Marc Anthony plays on YouTube

si no me quieres vete ya! 

hour after hour, song after song

I listen as I wash dishes

scrub floors

bleach everything

It has been almost twenty years

that I learned I could dream

and it started with Marc Anthony

blasting through all speakers

everyone dancing

me learning


wanting life so bad!

I dreamed of knowing

everything my friends knew

like how to talk to boys

how to live the game

it baffled me

I hid in corners

yearning to come out

standing at the window

just watching

everyone else played so normally!

There must have been something wrong with me

I bowed

ate the crumbs that others left

fell in love

with the only eyes that saw me

and kept dreaming



needing to dance

not knowing how

I continue to scrub everything

how could I know

it would take twenty years

to take the center of the floor

and care for nothing else

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