Life Stories

guiltless summer

It is sinking in.

All that guiltlessness that I could never quite understand. It is said that there is no guilt in the realm of Buddhism, but I have should-dos at every corner. This is the right behavior. This is the proper way to respond. This is the hero’s path. This is the good direction. Respect. Listen. Be polite. Show up. Don’t let them down.

Whoa!!! What about me? Can I just unshackle myself, fly over the fence and go? Can I buck off politeness and not talk to people who don’t inspire conversation? Can I refuse to spend a single moment where there is no light in the eyes?

All these rules about goodness don’t actually care about the depth of the person who’s required to be good. The person is not what matters, but the behavior.

All that behavior!

I will always show up for honesty and friendships that can stand in the fire with me. But if you leave me burning and expect me to get over it, but show up every time anyway, there just might be a time where I have something much more fun to do and it might not include you.

Guiltless summer is taking the tail of my north star and not stopping to update anyone about my flight. Guiltless summer is stepping into my bouncy bubbles of fun moment after fun moment, and letting obligation take its proper seat in the back corner at the far end of town.

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