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architecture awakening

Today I woke up in a new state of fury. Did you know that when people build ugly, austere apartment and office buildings, libraries and schools, homes and restaurants, etc. it is a psychological imposition on everyone else in that society? I have to deal with some newly erected buildings in my beautiful city of gorges, and it’s making me so mad!! It’s a clashing of tides- human stupidity empowered with money & machines, and Nature’s beauty empowered by her gentleness of touch and ability to resurrect the dead.

I don’t know if the opinion was consulted of any of the town’s citizens. I imagine that the council that approves of these horrible structures are people who have not been away from their desks in years. It didn’t occur to them that what we think would matter!

Maybe this is why everyone is going crazy and randomly shooting people! Ok, just kidding. Kinda. I think our lifeless, beauty-less, soulless buildings are a reflection of what we as society hold dear– work.  Work. Work. Work. Keep moving. Achieve. Make it to the top. The American Dream. Go. Never stop.

No wonder we are losing it!

I am losing it today.

How long do we have to put up with this?

I need the archangels to blow their horns now!


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