are you tired of the b.s?

I sure am.

I can’t take it any more.

That’s all.

I’m tired of ugly architecture

austere hallways

fluorescent lights that hum non stop

as if they were announcing our end

I’m tired of white walls everywhere

and expensive neighborhoods

where souls go to die

I’m tired of the over-expanded egos

that plow down all that is beautiful

and put up blocks of cement

to house the “worthless” poor

Of course they won’t say it out loud

By their fruits ye shall know them


We don’t freakin need neon lights!


We need pockets of gardens everywhere

and tables to sit and read

Yes, good coffee and tea

margaritas, wine, craft beer

guitars and small bands

acts of art

original paintings

colorful walls

you choose!

living artists

speaking out loud


We are not monkeys

but sometimes I would like to be

maybe I was one time

who knows, who cares

what matters is us, here today

How do you do?

We’re all in this shit together

let us shake hands

and erect our new reality

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