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Every now and then I wake up with an urgent need to change my life. This is waking up on the right side of the bed.

Leftover coffee sits in the french press. I pour it over ice and carry it to my altar, light my candles, hold my beads in my hand and say my prayers. I thank the forces that have always protected me. I feel a pit of something negative in my body that I've been carrying for as long as I can remember. Today it ends. It ends because I know it ends. It ends because I won't accept it any other way. I just pulled myself out of my own grave! Today it ends–and all the things attached to it.


5 thoughts on “transformations”

  1. Hi. I like this. May I ask…what kind of beads you are referring to? If it’s none-of-my beeswax, you can just say so and I’m cool with that. But just wondering. I’m recognizing a need to return to the spiritual (in some form) in my life… ~ Thank you. ~ Bill


    1. Hi Bill, they are Buddhist beads. I started a practice about 5 years ago that has been powerful in shifting my life so that I can be free and happy at last. I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Nicheren Buddhism), and hold my beads while I do so. The beads are symbolic of my personal life. I’m glad you asked! I’m all about transparency and saying in public what I actually think and do 🙂

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      1. One of my favorite authors/speakers is Pema Chodron. ~ Now if I could just take it out of the mental chewing-gum realm and into some real/actual practice/life application… Sigh. Hard to do when life is so…aggressive. Sigh again. ~ Thank you, very much, for your response. Have a wonderful evening and weekend. 🙂


        1. Best of luck to you, Bill! Please don’t be hard on yourself. Pema Chodron teaches loving kindness towards oneself, right?

          Life is really aggressive. Sad that it is that way for so many of us! If you find it hard to start an actual practice, I think that a couple of minutes a day would be a good start. It that’s all you’ve got, then it has to be enough. The gods are good 🙂 but we have to put in our part.


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