meanings ~

Nothing has meaning

except what we give it

We draw the lines

the game plans

and in one voice

create their worth

Human beings are set straight

measured up, one by one

like suspects

waiting to be recognized by the witness

snap the mug shot

send them this way

through the corridor

their crime of living

of struggling to live

of dreaming

We gave them the thing

for which to measure themselves

and cut off their heads

the minute they stand up

We forgot to tell them

their kind doesn’t count

Nor does their kind

or their kind or their kind

fingers pointing east, south

and over the sea

Your culture doesn’t count

your life doesn’t count

When we said ‘God loves everyone’

we didn’t mean you

Get off me you filthy scum!

Sit down on the dirt where you belong

Our guns are bigger than yours

aimed at you day and night

We tied your hands behind your back

 and set a devil in your ear

your kind doesn’t count

your children don’t matter

When we said ‘God loves everyone’

we didn’t mean you

stupid thing!

Who gave your the right to speak?

We create the things

then call them good

or grow the things

and call them bad

Who can give me a clear answer?

Why is this one good and that one bad?

Does the good thing actually save lives?

Does the bad thing destroy them?

You’re asking the wrong questions

therefore, we cannot answer

Neither saves or destroys

They create lines

 put power in our weapons

potency in our self-righteousness

Why do you care about those people anyway?

God doesn’t

they are the forgotten lot

The god we created

we fashioned out of our own clay

We gave him a human voice

and jealous heart

He loves these and not those

obedient to us,

just like we created him to be

He is a him

Like all things should be

unless you want to fuck them

That kind doesn’t matter either

He cares about the things we grow

and made it to be a mortal sin

We told him to care

and hey obeys

Our Father Who is in Heaven

Hollowed Be Thy Name

We are your children

They over there,

Yes them walking hunched over

They are the bastards

Look at their callused feet

They cannot walk in the castle

where You belong

Let us pray

But shut the doors and the gates

Lock them tightly

More chains and bars

Guards and guns

It is our right

We are the chosen ones

7 thoughts on “meanings ~”

  1. I know this came from a specific time and place, but has been written with a noble and heroic step-back – no names, no locale – so that it can be read in any place and time where power wins over the most natural of birth-right: the pure nature beyond name to be found

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