drugs, sex & alcohol

Good morning, buenos dias, bon matin!

I woke up this morning with my mind racing with things to say to the world.  That's why I have this blog, for moments like this when I need to just spill it.  Just to warn you guys, I have no time to proof read, so what comes out is what you get.  It's 7:40am and I have to go jogging, do loads of homework and prepare for an art show…

Ok, so here's the deal.  I think about Madonna and the straitjackets that she would fit in. Try to imagine? What kinds of scenarios do you think would emerge from that? People trying to make her "behave" or walk some sort of morally acceptable line.  Lady Gaga is great, but Madonna is the forerunner.  She broke open the sky so that the next generation could fly through. She also helped in making her generation lose their inhibitions and stupid ideas of morality.

Conservatives always wonder what our world is coming to if Miley Cyrus does an "unacceptable" move on stage, and gets all the more famous for it! I personally, am glad stuff like that happens.  Eventually it won't be a shock, not because we are desensitized, but because we won't judge the human body and sex the way we do now. We will get to the point where we're like, "It's not a big deal".  And it's not.

Ok, so all this to say that what our ideas of sex and morality come from is a conditioned way of thinking.  Everyone is conditioned by society and their family, that's common knowledge.  I think morality comes from a subconscious way of seeing "God".  When I say "morality" I'm talking about actions that are fun and pleasurable but that cause no harm (sex, marijuana, alcohol, prostitution, sexy moves on stage, etc), although the alcohol part is know to be very damaging when people are addicted and/or drink & drive.  As for prostitution, I personally don't want a nasty person touching me and no amount of money could change that, but if a grown woman thinks differently, that could be her prerogative, right?  These women need to be protected and helped, no punished…

Anyway, because people don't wait for marriage anymore, the demand for prostitution has gone down tremendously.  Back in the day when people were much more prudish, prostitution was very common and brothels were everywhere. Go figure.  All of those saintly looking family men would go see a prostitute every now an then to have sex with no strings attached.  That didn't mean he was going to abandon his family, and as long as the wives didn't know, all would be well.  On the surface of things, people were formal & polite and acted like they had high moral standards.

My opinions about this is that one should have the right to choose.  Coming clean should be the responsibility of the person in question. People's relationships and marriages are the responsibility of those in the relationship, not the state. You can't have a good relationship without total honesty, and if there is something so bad that you have to see a prostitute, then the responsibility should be on the couple to change things–maybe quit being so prudish and responsible and start have more fun with with each other! Whether a woman decides to get paid for sex is not anybody's effn' business! If we are worried about social consequences, I can point out a long list of things that are much, much more damaging to the general social life than people having sex & getting paid for it.

For example, the fact that people have to go to jail for getting high. What is our worry about people getting high? When we send people to jail we're making their children fatherless or motherless, and I can tell you from personal experience, that growing up without a constant parent is the worst thing in the world.  We create a pattern of people with giant holes in their souls because we messed up their childhoods by sending their parents to jail for something absolutely meaningless.  Ok, I know there are many, many things that will screw up a kid's childhood, and I'm not taking responsibility from the actual person when I write this.  Ultimately, we are in charge of our destinies and have to deal with our own holes in our souls and hopefully find a way to live a fulfilling and happy life.  We cannot blame the government for our problems.

All I'm saying is that if the government is not responsible for fixing our lives, it should also not ruin them. It should leave us alone to fix it on our own, and deal with the consequences of drugs, cheating, etc. as a conscious, thinking person who can learn lessons.

Stable, happy families come from people who's emotional and psychological well-being is in tact. If we are so worried about overall social well-being and people obeying the law, we should invest in systems and institutions that help these people who have been in the cycle of families with holes in their soles, and help break the pattern.

Going back to morality. I think it comes from a preconditioned idea of sin, which comes from a preconditioned idea of god, which comes from religious extremism.  Yes, as a society we are becoming less and less extreme, and our collective idea of god and sin is evolving quite rapidly, but common' this shit about drugs & sex has just gotta go! "God" does not care.  "God" is not a person who is outside of you, watching you, judging your every move–and most definitely does not choose other HUMAN BEINGS to decide for you what is good for you and what is not.

If there is a God, I am going to say that he/she/it is good.  In my personal experience "god" has never punished but only helped to reach higher and higher levels of happiness, health and peace.  I don't do drugs because I have no need.  I am not tempted.  I do have my share of alcohol and love to dance crazy, and both of those things only add my emotional and psychological well-being, and I never feel that there is a god that will judge me or ever has judged me for all the crazy things I've done in my life.  I have met a prostitute once and had a long conversation with her on spiritual things.  She told me about her experience and why she chose to quit.  I never thought that woman was less of a human being, deserved less love, or should be punished. She had her experience and moved on.  Not a big deal.  And god was not going to punish her, so why should anybody else? Society was not hurt because of her.  People's marriages may have been hurt, but that's because of the problems with the people in the marriage, not her.

Just like you can't blame the gun, you can't blame the drug, and you can't blame the woman.  If you have a hole in your soul, or in your relationship, that is your problem, not the government's.

Ok. I gotta go now! Somebody please point out my grammar errors or run-on sentences or things I should clarify.

Hugs & Kisses!


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