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lately ~

Lately I have been studying like a mad woman! I’m taking 16 credits this semester, and, for the very first time ever in my life, art classes! I have not been able to talk to anyone much and have zero social life!  Spring Break came and I was in desperate need of a glass of wine, thought of a few places downtown to go to, and ended up in my favorite sanctuary ~ a lovely bar & inn called Argos.


My glass of Côtes du Roussillon


It’s nice to sit at a quiet bar where I don’t know anyone,  alone, with a wonderful glass of wine just to daydream.  I always tell myself I am going to do this more often and always take way too long to go back.

First day of Spring Break and I had no time to lose.  Gotta prepare for my upcoming art show! This means, make new art. I don’t want to bore everyone with stuff they’ve already seen, and since I’ve been to Mexico for Christmas break, and came back just on time for classes to start, I have had no time to paint.  Ok, I did paint a bit, but not enough for a new show…

Painting began.  Today I completed 3 new pieces and I am happy to say they came out well.  Sorry that I don’t have pictures for you yet! But, I did get a professional photo shoot of my work and images will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, in between show prep, I walked myself up to one of my favorite places in town, Stella’s.  Had a drink, said hi to everyone and talked about my upcoming art show.

Stella's Cocktail
A  Stella’s cocktail made with Plymouth gin. It was so good!

 They need to move the bar closer to downtown so I can walk to it more easily!

Finally, today, the photo shoot.

Photoshoot 3-22-15


and the mess afterwards.

Art Everywhere

I had to finish my new paintings on time for this and when all was said and done I just collapsed on my couch for a good hour, even though I was starving. I finally ate salty oatmeal with butter.  That’s as far as my cooking energy will take me right now.

This last picture is the corner of my studio where I spend most of my time.

Messy Studio 3-22-15
My Messy Studio



4 thoughts on “lately ~”

  1. Stovepipe City.

    “Where’s Gabriela?”
    “Stovepipe City.”
    “Cool, she always brings back neat stuff from there.”


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