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Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday and I have committed the rest of my life to happiness. I know happiness can’t be forced in  just like mean winters can’t be forced out.  But they can be entertained.  Happiness can sit at my table and drink wine with me.  It can remind me that nothing is lacking.

All the things I thought I needed to feel totally beautiful and amazing and happy are superfluous! Who knew!?

My plant is growing roots- I don’t need anything else in order to be happy.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want a heck of a lot of things!

I used to think that I can’t be happy if other people are suffering.  That is a hard one to let go of! Especially if you flow indígena blood in your system.  We tend to guilt too easily.

I can step back and say the world is beautiful as it is.  It evolves at its own pace.  And I am just fine with that.

I would much prefer to add happiness to the world than more lectures on what it should be or rants about what it’s not.

In letting go, I become lighter, happier, with much more energy to live my own dreams.

Xoxo everyone!

17 thoughts on “happiness”

  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite artist and the only blogger I have ever followed that I didn’t know personally!
    My husband suffers from depression and has to make a conscious effort to choose happiness. Some have to practice the art of happiness and like all art, it’s a beautiful discipline.
    My Birthday is coming up in April and I have requested a painting of yours (well, copy of a painting) from my husband so I hope he follows the link and follows through. If not, I will purchase it myself!I gave him a few of my favorites to choose from: Protecting 2, Yummy Things Grow, Windows, Magic Words. I am curious which he will choose.
    Hope yesterday was as amazing as I think you are.


    1. Keri, I am so honored! I know what it feels like to fight depression and how endless it can be at times. I wish that your husband wins the battle– It can be won! Life is beautiful and so, so worth enjoying, loving and fully being in it!

      About the paintings, did you want a semi-original? Most that you mentioned have already been sold and only semi-originals are available. I can make any one you want or all of them:-)

      Hugs and Happy Birthday in advance!


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