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I just thought of the idea that being “irrelevant” is a good way to be happy.  I’m not thinking of family and friends in this, but of personal impact on whatever part of the world I have thought I could change.  Right now, as I sink into my complete irrelevance, I can finally breathe out all the air I have been holding in for such a long time.  I can relax my muscles, my mind, and parts of me that I didn’t know existed.

The world is going to evolve at its pace regardless of me.  But if I have value to add, I am the lucky one! 

My self-righteous days are six feet under, and I apologize to everyone who had to endure me!

2 thoughts on “irrelevance”

  1. I know this feeling.

    It is strange that once you stop trying to be relevant and just be what you are, well, it seems that it’s just what the world is missing and it needs!

    Good for you and for the world.


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