Change the World, Philosophy


Whether we like it or not, we are free. That sucks for a lot of us. We are free to choose to stay closed in or to step out.  The part that hurts are the consequences, and the fact that we can’t escape them.  If we keep our buds chained shut for fear of the oncoming storm, we suffer a state of meaninglessness. We end our 80 or 90 years of life clenching to our pile of sand not wanting to remember all the things we could have done had we been brave enough. If we choose to begin blossoming, we are faced with endless storms that want to force us shut again. We are ridiculed. We are left alone. We are abandoned by our families. We are fired from our jobs. We are betrayed by our best friends. We lose the one we love the most. We suffer endless heartbreak.

It it worth it?

Our freedom is that we can choose to stay shut or to take the journey of never-ending expansion.

But is it worth it?

Ask the person who has done it, and if they have any regrets. Ask the person who lost it all because they chose to stretch all their lovely petals, one at a time. Ask that person if she will do it again. You don’t have to wait for the answer, you already know what it is.

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