2015 Renacimiento Calendar

Renacimiento 2015 Calendar

The calendars are just for fun. Just because I like the look of them.  Just because they make me happy.  And because they say “Renacimiento” on them which is my favorite word of all time! I like that word so much I will call every single one of my shows that…until I get bored of it, which I feel will never happen 🙂

I like the word Renacimiento better than Renaissance, although they mean the same thing–in some contexts.  But renacimiento means so much more than what we understand as The Renaissance, or any renaissance.  It means rebirth. It means brand new start. It means fresh ideas. It means awakening. Maybe even enlightenment.  It means infinite things and always shows up in my experiences when I realize that the world needs more Beauty (with a capital B). It shows up like an angel when I wake up to the idea that fighting all that is evil only creates more, and building all that is beautiful, fun, delicious and good will create more of that.  In this basket of the possibility of renacimiento-happening-everywhere, lies all my hopes and dreams. It’s the star I have wished upon so many times! And the one I’m wishing upon this very moment.

2 thoughts on “2015 Renacimiento Calendar”

  1. I have been a quiet follower, in silent awe of your work, your life and your use of words, all of which I find magical. Then I saw your calender and had to have it and couldn’t be quiet any longer. Please let me know if they are for sale and how can I buy one. Renacimiento is a angelic word. I have a love of words and this one is a beautiful discovery. Thanks for it’s introduction.


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