the eyes of texas

The eyes of Texas are upon you. That's quite creepy. What's worse are the eyes in your head that are upon you. How many people's eyes are you looking through at yourself wondering if you are walking the line correctly or not?  When was the last time you said "Enough with this!" and set yourself free?

The eyes of homeland security are upon you.  But they aren't as bad as your eyes upon yourself, judging you & stealing your tiny boxes of joy. Your eyes upon yourself don't let you tie the pretty bow, and they don't let you take the step of giving the gift to the one it was meant for. They see all the things you've ever done, and when you want to stand up and shout 'hello!', they pull up the account and make you sit back down, bow your head, look at the ground.

You might be in debt to Bank of America, but the debt to yourself will be far more than you can bear.  All those moments in which you could not forgive yourself.  You could not send the eyeballs in your head away.  You could not live happy.  You will die with piles of empty memories, broken hearts, regrets.

Don't let this happen! Stand up for yourself, the truth in your soul that will never die. Stand up and live.

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