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positive report

Focusing on the positive does not mean living in denial.

It does not mean hide your head in the sand

It does not mean only have comfortable conversations.

Focusing on the positive does not mean that you live in absence of fear–or outright terror for some people!

It does not mean you won't experience pain

or terrible grief

Focusing on the positive means

that you have absolute faith

that you can overcome

It means you realize there are worse things than death

And living a life under terror would be one of them

It means faith in humanity

and our ability to spring up

time after time

to make the tides go right

Focusing on the positive does not allow for despair

It wipes out the smoke

that says you're weak



by reminding you

of all that you have already done

Focusing on the positive

brings to light

miracles that are happening everywhere

And why not now?

It acknowledges the love-force within us

that stands next to our brothers

and our sisters

and that it is more fierce

than any darkness

that wants to make us bow


fall to the ground

and let our children be enslaved

Focusing on the positive reminds you who you are

where you come from and where you're going

It's the North Star above you that whispers "don't stop"

And ultimately stands you back on your feet

with a bright shiny face

and a story tell

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