Change the World, Philosophy

it’s time to stop playing the victim role

Trying to get the bad government to change is like trying to talk logic into a crazy person. I’d rather draw a great big line and say “This is where you end, and this is where my life begins”.  Let’s stop playing the victim role. Let’s stop feeling helpless and powerless when we have so goddam many examples of great heroes and heroins who have paved the way and shown us what is possible.  We know it to be true.  If we don’t look at our hero potential it’s probably because we don’t believe it exists. We may think we are less valuable human beings than all the gazillion who have done great things.  We write these scripts in our minds and play them out faithfully, year after year. Let’s stop doing that!

The role we play can be tossed aside. We can stand up and fight with new hero-selves who are not afraid to die (in all the ways a person, ego, sense of self or safety net can die). When will this horrible game end? When we are brave enough to walk off the stage.

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