Life Stories

happy gratefulness day

I am happy that I live in this era, in this crazy time in life.  I am happy that my family is well. Mostly well.  I am happy that there are so many people in the world who are fighting hard to change things.  There are human rights defenders, environment justice fighters, energy healers, workshops, retreats, organic farms, activists, lawyers, revolutionaries, scientists, philosophers, journalists, artists and random people who are standing up wherever they are at.  I am eternally grateful to all of them!  I am happy to know that this is not slowing down but gaining momentum–all over the world! 

I am happy that I have a house to live in, and that it has hot running water.  I am happy that I have a studio to paint in–and time to paint!  I am happy that I am an artist.  I am happy that I live in Ithaca – it is a beautiful place to be!  I am happy for my friends.  I am happy that my sister is taking care of my cat, Phantom. Thanks, Estephania! I’m happy that my niece, Melissa went to live in Argentina for two months and stayed a year.  Way to go!

I am happy that I am in school right now and that my teachers are awesome.  I am very grateful for all the support the system is giving me via scholarships, advisers, etc. and that these people really believe in me. Thank you all!

I am happy for my “friends in high places” who don’t feel like friends in high places, but great people walking next to me.  They never quit believing, and never want to suppress my voice.  I am grateful to all those who have scraped my corpse from the ground and made me walk again (back when I didn’t know I could make it).

For gratefulness day I just want to say that no one’s efforts were in vain. I promise to take it all the way and pay forward, pay back, pay whichever which way it comes to me to pay.  My hands are open. So is my heart. Happy gratefulness day!

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