Creative Writing, Poetry


my happiness is up to here

can you see where i’m pointing

it’s blended with colors of satisfaction

journeys completed

last step of the thousand miles

mirages didn’t kill me

though they came very close

my happiness is way up to here

where the black line on the wall is

for all the ghosts of obligation

ideas of “right things”

have a sword to their throat

they have suppressed my voice

for way too long

and loaded me brick after brick

they ate my soul

like savage hyenas

for things I could not do

and pounced on me like lions

every time I tried to speak

my happiness is up to here

and let me tell you why

i took a great big sword

willing to do or die

i held it to their throats

and told them no more

I saw them retreat

in fearful backwards steps

my life is mine again

with nothing left to prove

i can defend myself

i can also defend you

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