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In school full-time and one of the classes I’m taking is English 101.  The professor is great in that she has the gift of coaching and helping develop the writer in her students.  I have really enjoyed the class!  Now, for my upcoming paper, I’m supposed to write on a topic that I am thoroughly passionate about, something that is an issue in the world. Hmmmm….where to start! There are so many!

The more I think about it, the more I want to write on the subject of punishment.  As a society, we believe in punishment.  Many of us believe that God punishes—possibly FOREVER.  We believe in tormenting people for extended periods of time for having done something “bad” either to themselves or to someone else while they were in a period of confusion and/or pain.   We say they deserve it because they caused pain, therefore they should experience pain.

The problem that I have with this is that society is still in pain.  The idea that people must be punished does not heal the broken heart.  It is not our solution to happiness.   What I’m talking about is the amount of people in prison, and we are not more safe because of it.   I’m also talking about people who are in prison for forever who have long let go of an old way of living–like believing in a cult, for example.   My brothers are good, good people who were extremely brainwashed and mentally traumatized from an overwhelming amount of abuse and did what they thought was “god’s orders” and took other people’s lives.

The forever punishment is not helping us be more happy.  Maybe the children of the dead feel vindicated.  But they don’t know that the dead also threatened us and took the lives of some my siblings…. It was a whirlwind of extremists, and a few people had to be punished forever while everyone else is exonerated and let off the hook.

Society needs someone to be punished so we can close the last page of the book, seal it, and pretend it never happened. But maybe we can begin to understand the world in a much larger way, and embrace our “criminals” as well, heal their broken hearts, listen to their stories. What happened to them?  What form of slavery did they undergo? What physical abuse? What rape? Who took away their voice? Who squashed their right to be an equal human being?

These are big things to ponder.  If I am to take my mission as an artist seriously, then I will be brave enough to cut into the soul of humanity to let out its dark side.

4 thoughts on “writing for school”

  1. You know what I thought of about that since it’s stuff I thought of before but don’t really write publicly about? The “vindicated”. There are really none. Or we all are. We are the same family. Just want you to know Gaby that I think you ought to feel vindicatd for what happened to your uncles by what happened to your brothers.
    Get that straight.


    1. Oh just realized: “Vindicate” It’s a n word. Totally useless except as a fighting word. Very good word for Hitler.
      Here Hitler. You can have this word. Use it well. We will need it to fill prisons and fight wars and kill Muslims for killing Christians and brothers for killing uncles cuz they were awsomly vindicating in the first place….Enjoy your word that makes your world go round Hitler. Oh wait where did you get the good idea from? Oh yeah the word…
      In the buigining there was a word and the word was God. Doubt this word was god though. Or maybe it was. The particular god we worshiped sure had a penchant for it. But we called it God just like eveyone else calls their imprinted set of values and experiance “God”. Like litttle duckys little humans imprint. Are you my mommy? Are you my God? Oh yes! Yes you are.
      Then we have to vindicate. It’s part of being imprinted. Quack!
      That’s why I follow god@thetweetofgod now. Funnier penchants. I got imprinted again, I guess.
      Oh wait can’t give you the word Hitler. It’s the sacred property of too many people I love. That would be stealing.


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