the net

The net, actually, doesn’t just appear.  You weave it together yourself, long before you had to jump, but you didn’t know it. You didn’t know there was an edge you were approaching, nor that you were weaving anything at all.  You just followed your days, one after the other, doing what meant right in the spacetimeframe you were in. Suddenly you realized the heat had been rising and you crossed over the too-hot edge and you jumped (for to stay would mean death).  You jumped, hoping you could land safely again, never expecting for there to be a net.  But it was there.  You put it there.

2 thoughts on “the net”

  1. Holy God – I adore this, Gabriela. I am so very grateful to you for this inspiration – exactly when I needed it. Blessings and light you beautiful you!! MIssed your fierce energy XO



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