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trust in goodness!

Trusting in the goodness can be a way of life.  There are some people who naturally do, and they are always kind and have such gentle demeanors.  I think we’ve all met people like that.  They do have bad days, just like anyone, but their natural habitat is to be overall content and kind to everyone, so they bounce back, like a rubber band that pulls them back to where they belong.  I always wanted to be that kind of person!  What would it take?

Someone once told me that life is like train tracks.  One track is something good happening, and one track is something bad. They run side-by-side continuously. Whichever one you gravitate towards will end up affecting everything in your life.  The sad thing is, those of us who have had our share of harsh realities growing up, have a very difficult time focusing on good things. Our world gets painted black, and it rains on us all the time!  We conclude that that’s the way life is; we hug the negative track to the point of defending it.

In my personal experience, I have found that the cure to this is to seek out the goodness within others and hold onto it for dear life. We have to fight against our own intensely strong tendencies to gravitate strongly to the negative track.  We don’t need to pull apart the threads of reality, sorting out which one is good, and which one is bad.  Choosing to trust goodness regardless of all the bad we see and experience is what is required. And it is not an intellectual process.  It’s a heart process, and one that I am committing to for the um-teenth time in my life!

I am willing to trust in the goodness in life, and I am willing to let that be my North Star.

To hell with the rest!

4 thoughts on “trust in goodness!”

  1. I think it’s so cool that we posted on the same subject on the same day! Great post my friend! We are so good 😉 🙂


  2. Thank you for choosing to trust in goodness, even when it’s difficult. And thank you for blogging about that, and encouraging us fight back against to our negative habits. It reminds me about the fact that people have free will and we can choose to do what we want, no matter how hard it seems. And when we trust in goodness we will create happiness in our own life and the lives of others.


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