the next exciting thing

Do you ever notice that humanity tends to get bored of everything?  Think of fashion, shoes, movies, songs, art on the wall, towns, jobs.  What is it in us that makes us excited about something then bored of it later?  I suspect that it is because we are growing on many dimensions and want things that reflect our new level. We want adventure. We want to be truly inspired.  Although we are terrified of it, we want to see ourselves having walked through the fire. We want to tap into the inexhaustible supply of  beauty, love and grace and be magnanimous in the face of adversity. When we actually be it and do it, the sparks that fly from the fire of our friction lights the antennas of others. They are attracted to the energy and don’t know why.  I think it’s because they want that adventure too.  They want to be un-trapped, un-burdened, unbound by the relentless waves of obligation and seeking pleasure in all the things that they (and we) have been convinced their (our) whole lives should be fun and make  them (us) happy.

What we know has gotten boring.  What we don’t know is the next new exciting thing.  How many flavorless experiences must we ingest before we realize we are ready for a truly wild game? Something that won’t bore us for the next 20 years. Something that demands our all.  Something very closely related to life-or-death…maybe something worth dying for…

14 thoughts on “the next exciting thing”

      1. No not yet, but I feel like I’m getting closer… the part about, “No right, no wrong. Just step in and go. Be silent and let others follow,” especially! In my imaginings, a lot of times I imagine people getting caught-up on the words as being “preached.” I imagine it coming to “just do” – and don’t-even worry if you’re followed.
        E.M. Forster said, “only connect,” (which, maybe be-lies that we’re already connected).


        1. Agreed. Definitely don’t worry about whether others follow or not. But, if one is doing something extraordinary, others will “follow” in their own way. This does not mean follow on Facebook, Twitter or WordPress. This means, be moved to make changes in their own life, in their own way. We all want to see heroes out kicking ass!! It’s ok to be one.

          I think the best way to get over the ideas of right & wrong, is to step back as far as you can go and look at the grand picture. The only true “wrong” is what people do to hurt others. Most people don’t want to hurt others, we are just afraid of making mistakes. What do you think?


          1. “…others will ‘follow’ in their own way.” Yes, I think so, and I think they should. To follow too closely would be to miss the necessary intricacies only they can find.
            “…step back as far as you can go and look at the grand picture.” I think that’s a good way. Unfortunately we’re personally invested, so it’s hard to even think about backing-up for a different view. And then you can’t stay back or you never get to really know people nor do they get to really know you – “dive-in” – “personal risk” – at least that’s what I’m wondering recently.
            “The only true “wrong” is what people do to hurt others.” I might step back even further – as I have seen in different thoughts years-ago; that there is no wrong; (a thought-form since retreated-from, perhaps bc my own fear of what may ensue.) But the feeling was powerful-enough to keep me wondering – especially when you think thoughts like: Yeah peoplke get hurt, but then they find strength, get through it, & come out stronger. It’s hard to get around that. It’s like: I think, “I don’t want to get hurt,” and the higher-being hovering above me is saying, “Stop being so small. You think that’s pain?!” Sometimes I think we’re all much much bigger, braver & stronger than we ever get around to imagining. Of all the things we can doubt, and we usually doubt ourselves first.
            Maybe people aren’t afraid of making mistakes – but are in a conglomerate “society” that too-tightly controls the norm. There’s not enough personal connection – it’s all-about upholding the norm and fitting-in to customary, arbitrary positions that are only meant to hold others at arms-length: dress how you want, eat how you want, or what-not. But the hammer is always ready to drop.


            1. Oh, wow. I am so happy you wrote all this! I agree 100%! I only have one thing to add/comment on. About the pain part– Not only do we want to be out of pain, but I think it’s important to commit to causing no pain to others (to the best of one’s ability). Yes, pain makes us grow. But some people can use that as an excuse to treat others badly. I’ve seen people do it.


              1. Wow. I didn’t think I would get a positive reaction, talking like: “peoplke get hurt, but.” I just figured I might-as-well tell the truth as I think it.
                Most of the time I’m thinking that when a person wants to hurt someone else, it’s probably to address a time they were hurt long-ago by a third-person, when they couldn’t defend themselves. I don’t think it’s because they’re evil; even if their psychotherapist says they’re an actual psychopath or sociopath, (who feels no real emotion either-way).
                “…some people can use that as an excuse to treat others badly.” Yes, that’s what I figured. That’s one way we can morally shrivel, (and there’s a million other ways also). “I’ve seen people do it.” Can I get some examples from your experiences?
                I keep imagining some day I’ll be old and wise enough to cause pain in a way to show someone their own shortsightedness, (or something like that). A few years back I thought about walking up to a singer and taking her microphone away while she was singing, cuz she looked like she was trying to vocally &/or physically hide behind it! Figuring I wasn’t old/wise enough yet, I digressed. But I really felt that if I had, she would stop using it as a crutch & belt-it-out. And so maybe part of it is how/why you hurt someone & how open you are to them in return.

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  1. Hi Clyde, I have a few response: First I want to thank you for what you said about people having been hurt by a third person in a time they couldn’t defend themselves. That hits home with me and my family in a way that I am unable to explain at this moment. I agree with your statement about psychopaths & sociopaths (although I am not clear on the difference between the two!). This brings me to a subject I’m passionate about–our (in)justice system and the bullshit war on drugs. We live in a system that severely punishes people who are suffering the most. We take away their freedom, their right to vote and their ability to ever make it the world again, because everywhere they go they will have a criminal background–and usually for crimes they did not commit, for it is no crime to make choices on what someone does with his/her own body. It’s a basic human right & freedom of choice. The way people are vilified for just being in pain and behaving the only way they know how, is a phenomena that is making me want to go kick some people’s asses.

    Next- Treating others badly can be a way people do business, take advantage of their “friends” or other relationships, or lie to a lover. In other words, the mentality that a person can just take what he/she wants without regard for the feelings of the other person (all is fair in love & war–or love & business!), and if the other person gets hurt then they need to get over it, wake up, learn their lessons, etc. I personally believe, to be a mature citizen, you have to take carefully, and make sure you’re not 1, taking what does NOT belong to you, and 2, taking more than what the other person is willing to give (don’t exploit).

    About being older/wiser ~ I think the best thing to do with the impulse to change others, is to directly point it back to oneself and make personal changes. This is more powerful, and the only thing anyone can do anyway. Even if you think you know how to “wake someone up”, they mentally won’t wake up until they’re good & ready anyway, and there is nothing that any one of us can do about that. Showing the way by walking it ourselves, is the best thing we can do. That’s what I think, anyway!


    1. You’re welcome.
      “psychopaths & sociopaths” I don’t really think there is a difference – other-than the word “psychopath” works better in the movies. I heard that lately an Ivy-league? professor studied & pronounced the Bush family to be sociopathic, (she was probably afraid to use the “p” word!)
      The war on drugs does seem to be way-overblown – just money & power as usual, and yes, the vilification is there. (And that is something I’ve been changing in myself for awhile – easing-up judgements & looking for in-roads.) Last night a heard a lady say that there are “50 prisoners-for-life for using cannabis.” It sounded important-enough to look in-to. It does seem about time to kick some ass! (It is especially-sad knowing that some people are just trying to deal with being in pain!) (Now I remember awhile-back, reading some of James W. Prescott’s writings on the differences between what-types of societies will allow which-types of drugs.)
      “…just take what he/she wants…” Does society seem to be making it easier to get, and take, and buy, etc.? We seem to always be pushing ourselves into the red-zone of what’s new and what’s possible, and that could really be a result of the leaders being psychopaths with no fear and no regard for consequences.
      “…without regard for the feelings of the other person…” This makes me think of a recent neurobiologist I found: Dr. Daniel Seigal ( He’s got some really neat info I’m trying to ingrain about relationships & the mind.
      I’m getting more used-to the “directly pointing things” back to myself. It does hurt/help when it connects. “Showing the way by walking it ourselves.” I don’t think there can be a better way.
      Thank you too.


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