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we need to set a new standard

I do my best to not take life too seriously.  I mean, com’on, it’s just art.  You’re just making pretty things to beautify the world, which is a great cause in and of itself.  Nothing more needs to be added!  Just enjoy your life, your lifestyle, your whiskey, wine and friends and make art along the way. Nothing more.  I had decided to stick to that, except for one part–I had a whole lot more tequila than whiskey!

So, the thing about not taking life too seriously is that we carry less of a load.  We are happier as people living in the present and not focusing on all the problems of the world, which we have no way to fix anyhow! Having said that, there is a balance–and this I strive to achieve–with being active and participating in things that better the world & the human condition, while staying in the moment and enjoying what there is to enjoy.

Then again, sometimes my present moment (the one that I’m supposed to be enjoying!) is filled with fierceness, fury and fire because I just can’t take the woldwide bullshit anymore! Can’t fucking take it! 

So here’s what I can’t take anymore: the way we generally give authority to those who are financially successful.  Doesn’t matter if they’re doing anything good or not for the planet.  And if someone owns gallery, especially a prestigious one, then countless artists will try to figure out how to dance to their tunes for the chance of getting in. This is beyond repulsive.  Why in the fuck are you an artist if you are going to live your life kissing the ass of the people who represent the old way of being!!?

There are people who hold the rulers that measure the status quo everywhere (I’m being very calm right now!).  An aritst’s job is to make new ones.  All great artists in history have re-invented the rules, and many were exiled because of it.  The greats don’t suck up to the ruling authorities–ever.

You define yourself.  You set the standard.

What will it be?

2 thoughts on “we need to set a new standard”

  1. I agree and I’m realizing I need to start with myself. What am I doing or not doing that needs to be re-examined? What do I blindly accept as truth without questioning? I have work to do. Thank you for yours! I think we need to redefine “success” as a nation and a globe. We have gotten so far away from real.

    Important post, this one, Gabriela. xxx


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