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make it a dry malbec!

If your art doesn’t bust open your seams, you’re not doing it right.  If your life hasn’t caused you to walk alone, mile after mile, because no one could understand you, then you’re not creating something new.  If you’ve always been safe and protected, you have never needed to draw on your own superpowers to survive. You are missing out on the greatest part of life! If you think that ultimate victory is for the rich, the powerful, the beautiful, the influential….oh, you are so brainwashed! It would be a good day in your life to get hit on the head and woken up.

The grandest thing in life is a whirlwind. It sits quietly inside you; inside me; inside all of us. It waits for our beckoning, then it gets up and moves.  It moves you, it moves your surroundings, and it moves anyone who stands in your way.  Yes, it moves mountains.  Any poor, little person can turn on their tornado–and move shit.  Any person, any place, any time, anywhere, at any economic, educational, racial background.  High, low, it doesn’t matter.

~ After collapsing, full of sweat and dirt from having worked in my garden for so many hours, I lied underneath the soft blowing fan with my mind in blank…..letting go of everything. Then all these words, and so many more, began whirling above me.  I had to get up and write them! I got up, put drops in my dry eyes, drank a glass of water and started to write.  Those words came out, just like that!  But there are more images that haven’t materialized themselves into words yet.  One of them is of the bottle that must hold new wine. There was some lesson about new wine not being able go into old bottles.  A new life can’t be held by an old consciousness.  If you believe in poverty, you will always be poor.

But I want to hold new wine not because the old is bad, but because I drank it all!  I’m ready for the next.  Make it a dry Malbec, please!

I love Malbec
taken from google images

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