Life Stories

the things you think you can’t do

So, here’s what I’m discovering over and over again, when it comes to the things I think I can’t do, are actually possible. There’s a catch to it, though.  You have to go through some breaking out of “comfort zones” (yes, I know that’s cliche, but bear with me).  Basically, when your survival is on the line, or fire is on your path behind you in some way or another, you can’t sit back and make “I-can’t-do-it” excuses.  You jump in and go.  Just ask any single mother!  I’ve never been a single mother, or any kind of mother, except to my cat, but I do know what it means to have to do something.  I’ve done impossible things so many times! One of them was driving across the country from Austin to Ithaca with no insurance, drivers license or money to spare–and no one to rescue me if everything went wrong!

The impossible must be accomplished because there is nowhere to fall.  Then you realize the inability to do something is just an idea.  It’s smoke in the air and takes away your clarity.  In truth, whatever you have to do can be done because the infinite intelligence inside of you knows how to do it. But before you reach this you must pass through a certain amount of ego-erasing fire.

Genius is in egolessness and the sense of nothing-to-prove-not-even-to-yourself.  I believe this is the hardest part of all. Once we get over the need to prove, to be right, to be safe, to be what we think we aught to be….all those ideas that have been stuck in our minds, dictating our lives…once you get over them, the rest falls right into place.  The difficulty is not the thing outside of us, but the thing inside.

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