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A friend of mine contacted me with an unusual request–to create an abstract illustration of a paper she is working on to be the front cover.  We met and she explained it all to me and I took notes.  All I can remember right now is that it has something to do with how cells “clone themselves”.  I dunno.  I have a lot of friends who are getting their Ph.Ds at Cornell and every time they explain to me what they’re doing, I come up with this “for dummies” version and try my best to remember, usually to no avail.  At least I remember their names! LOL.  So, here is my playful attempt to express what DNA cloning looks like!

1 thought on “DNA”

  1. A couple of academics I know got a local artist near our university to design an impression for a paper they were working on – it got published as the front cover of a top journal (it may have even been Nature). Glad to see this idea is more common that I thought!


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