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Every girl wants to be a princess.  Every girl is a princess, but she most often doesn’t know it.  She wants to be it, nonetheless.  She yearns to be that which she was born to be–her true, royal, self.  Not in the eyes of the media or in the storybook of the world, but in her own eyes.  That’s where it’s at.  Once she knows she’s a princess, there is no telling her otherwise! Doesn’t matter that her parents were paupers.  Doesn’t matter that she’s broke, or can’t dress like Kate Middleton. She’s a princess and she knows it.

Some people kick their princess self under the rug.  Or they kick her in the face and tell her not to want what she wants, then they walk around making all other princess-girls feel guilty for acting how they do.  Some people don’t want to let emerging princesses fully come out.  “Who does she think she is!”.

She’s transforming. Leave her alone!

One of the key elements of emerging princesses, is that they don’t ask for permission–nor do they take votes.  World, move aside!  Talk as you may, she’s shining on, like it or not.

The biggest enemy for a to-be princesses is not what others think of her, but what she thinks of herself.  If she hasn’t made up her mind, she will most definitely get knocked down by the tsunami of disallowing people.  And there are about 100 disallowing people to every 2 supporters.  She’s on her own, basically.  Once she wins the battle, then everyone will have to shut up unanimously–and pretend they never spoke.

As I think about the princess in every girl and in every woman, I wonder what it takes to fully emerge. What do I need to do to completely rise and shine?  I don’t know, but I will figure it out–that is for sure.

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