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art show at damiani wine cellars

On Friday, February 21st, I had my first ever solo art opening! It was a great experience and so many friends came out to support it.  I am grateful to everyone!  Through doing this show I am more aware of the intensity of emotion that goes into putting on an art show, and how challenging it really is.  Without the solid support of my closest friends, and of the woman who is now booking my shows (Allison DeDominick of ARTe), I could not do it.  This ended up being such a beautiful experience and I can’t wait to do it again!

8 thoughts on “art show at damiani wine cellars”

  1. Gabby’s free!
    She couldn’t see,
    her yearning pleas
    didn’t suit the needs
    of her unrooted seeds.
    Grasping hope, she flees
    then won’t crawl on knees!
    Walking into winter’s freeze
    searching for truth, intuitively,
    finds serving love the way to be.
    Woman, artist, singer, giver, whee!


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