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despair bows

Despair took a side step and bowed.  Hopelessness ushered him out the door and walked with him.  As I watch them leave, I hope they don’t knock on anyone else’s doors! It’s so hard to get them to leave! Those unwelcome guests!

…But as unwelcome as they are, they never go away without leaving behind a great gift.  One big enough to pay for all the damage…I remember this…

The gift is like a diamond, one that people kill for, and betray their own kind for. But you can’t see it or sell it, so you can’t kill for it.  You can’t trade it in or take a loan against it.  You can’t carry it with you in your wallet or put it in a glass jar where it can be seen.  You forget it’s there.

But it shows up at the perfect moment, like a guardian angel with a big sword, and slays the dragon.

That came from within you. The strength that Despair left behind, and the knowledge that you can conquer all.

You say thank you to something you don’t know. But you feel it and know it’s there.

Despair, who has been peeking all along, bows again.

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