self imposed silence

self imposed silence

I’m missing out on a lot of exciting adventures to do something I haven’t done in a very long time–be in a self imposed silent retreat. No roommates are in town so I’m home completely alone. I’m going to the gym, spending time in the sauna, cleaning the house, baking, cooking, reading poetry (Alexander Pope), doing a tad bit of painting, doing lots of meditation, energy healing and re-thinking my entire life. What is dying what is being born? Right now is the vortex where it’s all laid out. I feel like I took a spontaneous dip under water and now I don’t want to emerge again for air until my work here is done. I will know it when it is…. I’m suspecting a couple of weeks, which means when my roommates get here they’ll have to ignore me. It’s ok, this house is for that, for the time that each person needs to take for themselves, and it’s always respected. I may or may not post here, but if I do it will be a spontaneous note.

Rule #1 for this “retreat”– No parties, no alcohol, no Facebook. That’s tough! Oh, and no contacting friends to chat.

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