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where magic hides

Sometimes I feel like I lose my ability to paint altogether.  I go months without knowing what to do, and when I try to paint anyway, it comes out boring and lifeless.  Then it sits on my shelves annoying me for months until I decide to just paint over it completely.  The painting over it is not necessarily a bad thing, for all aspects of the creation of art is just that, art.  My art embodies the mistakes and major fuck-ups.  Just like my own life! Who could live without them, ha ha. We just pocket them and let them add to the intensity of who we are.  Put your face back into the wind and love yourself anyway.  Anyway and forever.  This life that I feel now loves everyone! Every single crazy person.  Then out of the blue magic emerges and comes out in my art in a way that I am truly satisfied.  Marc Anthonly, Shakira (Spanish on both) and La Oreja de Van Gogh are playing on Pandora.  My wine is good, and I am happy being me.

This art I just finished is called “Where Magic Hides”.  The poem that accompanies it goes like this:

It hides in the corners of your life when you least expect it.

It hides in the music you want to hear the most

When you finally hear it

It hides in your glass of wine

And the moment you know

You have faith in life no matter what.

No matter what.

24 x 24 in. Oil on Canvas

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