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all in a day’s walk

What do you do when you’re having a bad day?  One of the things I do is go for a walk.  There’s always something beautiful to see and it never fails to put me change my mood around.  What philosopher was it that said “I still believe beauty can change the world”.  I agree! It at least changes me! 🙂  Today’s walk started with the intention to get some exercise, and I took my camera along just in case.  I walked up the giant hill to Cornell and decided to walk into the museum, from there the gorge next to it called to me so I hiked to the bottom of it, hanging on to the chains for dear life! all the way.  After that I decided to go to the cutest cafe in the world, The Carriage House, to get a cup of hot tea.  What a lovely moment!

13 thoughts on “all in a day’s walk”

      1. When I go to England, my favourite acitivities are my walks in the park or in the woods. The weather is just so perfect for that. Over here, I go trekking and I’m drenched in sweat. I do it more for exercise, less for contemplation.


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