Some preachers came to my door and wanted to talk to me about Truth. The one truth that trumps all other truths, you know, their truth. My truth was not real.  My experiences, imaginary. Of course, I am crazy! I mean, come on, why would I trust myself if I had absolute logic and proof right in front of me?

I tried to tell them that I already spent enough time in a cult.  Yes, a place that didn’t allow my truth, but forced me to be, not a person, not even a shadow, maybe a fly hiding behind a shadow.  Yes, that’s about as big as my voice was.  Maybe I was the Who (From Horton Hear’s a Who)…..remembering. Oh, you should have seen how polite I was! I even entertained conversation for a moment—to later regret it.

They wanted to talk to me about having a “direct path to God”.  Do people still believe this shit!!? Ohmygosh…

It makes me sick to the deepest parts of my stomach that one person, religion, organization, group, gathering, etc. would write off someone’s valid spiritual experience as not real because they don’t understand it.  What is real to you is real to you, period.  After all, how does a person qualify experience anyway?  Can you measure enlightenment?  Can you save inspiration in a quart jar?  What about the “Aha!” moment? Can you graph it out and see whose “Aha!” runs strongest?  Can you bottle up joy like they bottled up screams in Monsters, Inc.?  Can you measure the inches of inner peace?

When you refuse to honor another person’s experience, whether spiritual or non—-, what you do is not give place to the most sacred part of who they are.  You, in some way, disallow that thing that makes them uniquely human. You un-dignify them.  If they follow you they give up their freedom and become a slave in a very deep way, and breaking free causes so much heartache! Just ask me, I’ve done this at least three times! (How many times does it take for a person to learn?).

I still can’t believe I was so patient with those guys.  “They will find their way”, I thought to myself later on. Something about that whole scenario seemed not ok to me.  It was eerily wrong.

9 thoughts on “truth”

  1. I can understand what you are sharing however. A person’s experience do not mean that they learned anything from it. We all have free will so when we join a cult we agree to it. When things go wrong we like to have someone else to blame instead of looking at us. Most of the time its because we are looking for someone to take us out of the hell that we are in at the time. When we start to listen to people … I mean really listen we are able to tell if what they are sharing is the truth however most people have no idea what the truth is… The truth is that which can be proven. Some people will mixed the truth with lies to trick you. I suck at writing so bear with me lol. This whole world that we are living in operate by controlling our the minds. If not until we wake up and take control of our own minds is when we will not be controlled by others. One thing that I have learned is that sometime if a good thing to talk to people who come to you sharing when they may think is the truth. You never no they just may have something to share that we help you on your journey.. it could be something very small however we will never know this if when are not fully listening. They say that sometimes your blessing are right in front of you. Maybe if you would have listened you would be have been able to help them in some kind of way. I know that for a long time I had in my mind that I had the answers to everything. My ego stood in the way of my true blessing in life. Even a child can share the truth which can help us however most people over look them. The truth can come to us in a way that we take as being nothing until we really think about it…. Just like my writing skill lol Some people will get if and others will think who is this fool he can not even spell etc.
    Take care and thinks for posting this. It was very helpful for me.
    P.s there is only one truth no one as there own truths however people do have there own opinions which is base on emotions or what they here coming from others without any real research of there own. Its like when some people see a person on tv wearing a white coat their mind tell them that this is a professional Doctor so me or she most be sharing the truth. I only hope that you will post this so others can read it. Take Care.


    1. Hello Peacewalker! Thank you for this very deep post, and for taking the time to write it. I agree with you about listening to others, and I have spent very many years of my life just listening and listening. I’ve been to so many spiritual retreats and workshops, and listened to so many people’s ideas and philosophies, read so many books, etc. I did learn something from it all– that there was no way I could explain my own spiritual experience to another person in a way that they would fully understand it. It would forever be my own world, and that was very OK.

      Next, the preachers in question– I spent 20 years of my life in that religion! Oh, actually, more like 25 years, because it was in my 25th year when I finally broke down and realized that everything I had been taught to believe was not true. I did not know what true was, but I was going to find it, and this led me to all the workshops, reading, etc. I spent 10 years in my search! Finally came out of it and said, enough. From now on I will live my life happy and what matters is this moment. I will never understand the complexities of the Universe, and I know that no one else understands it, either. We only know what we have experienced, and how we interpret the words of a great spiritual leader. Our hearts are connected the to Source and we don’t need any other person to get in between it.

      Also–I use the word “cult” very loosely. I think, just because millions of people believe in a certain religion, doesn’t make it less of a cult. The absence of respect to another person’s spiritual journey is what I cannot bear. I do not need to give it any of my time or mental space.



      1. The complexities of the universe are not for us to understand, & the god(s) have their own problems; these are not for us to solve. It is enough that we can live our lives to the full & become the best people that we can be. Ethics & morality are not copyright to any religious fervor, they are what allow us to live lives that we can be proud of.

        Ignore the lies & the vanity of (certain) belief & you can have the life you want & deserve.

        (No warranty given or implied)


      2. The truth has no religion. It is what it is. No one can ever change it. We all have a battle going on within us. The negative within us is always trying to bring us down to nothing however the truth that is with in all of us is going to win because we are living in a time where the negative will be put to rest. The truth is being known to all. No one can hide from the truth at this time. Some of the things that have worked for us in the past will no longer work today. We can live in the light or in the darkness. This is why we have free will to divide the weak from the strong. religions have nothing to do with the truth they are all about entertainment. However they do share some truth which we can take and use it to make our life’s better. Most of the time in religions there is a lot of personal-ism and people who are on a ego trip. The thing is to never let anyone control you. Only do something if it is the truth. I am not a part of any religions or groups. I like being free. I do my part which is opening the eyes of the mentally dead. Every one has a purpose. Some people purpose is the be against the truth and by doing so we can even learn from that. Your 20 years was met for you to learn something and that lesson is now over. You can now take what you know and use it in a positive way to better yourself and others. You never even need to talk about any religions. You be the example for others to see. They say that talk is cheap. The real work is doing. Be the truth. I hope that I’m making myself clear. If your mind is open to accept the truth even if its something negative about you. You will find that people will start sharing things to you that will help in your journey. The help can come from anywhere – movies, children, books etc. Sometimes they will not even be aware of what they are doing at the time.
        We must always remain humble and not push anything on anyone. We just share the truth and move on. People are so use to hearing lies that some will even think you are speaking a different language. Take care


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