i want to fall in love

The old story is boring.

I want to fall in love

with a new reality

that is readily visible


I want to fall in love

with art I have not yet discovered

or painted

with a new way of cooking food

to enjoy at my table

with candles lit

with shoes that have not been designed

or maybe they have

but are hidden somewhere

beyond the reach of my fingertips

I want to fall in love

with a new way of living

where dreams are always in the air

and people are treated fairly

I want to discover the works of a great designer

and think

I have been waiting for you my whole life!

What’s so bad about imperfection?

is that it’s so close to it,

but doesn’t go all the way

I want to see someone

finally take it over the top

I want to see coffee shops, cafes and restaurants

built for the new generation

yes, those of us who are concerned

about the people working in the kitchen

I want to see something beyond facade

layers to peel off and be ever more excited

I want to fall in love

with this generation

because good is not good enough

and imperfection is completely and totally


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